A second time the author identifies himself as Solomon (see Prov 1:1), perhaps suggesting a new series of topics are forthcoming. Prov 1-9 spoke primarily to matters of wisdom and foolishness (a motif clearly running throughout all 31 Proverbs) and sexual immorality. Proverbs 10 and following speak to a varietyContinue Reading

This series in Proverbs continues with chapter nine, where wisdom and foolishness are juxtaposed and a parity of accessibility exists for each. Wisdom rests upon seven pillars; she is complete, optimal, flourishing; always at her best and at the apex of her existence. Not one thing more can be addedContinue Reading

The writer of Proverbs 8 has chosen personification (attributing person-like qualities to non-personal entities) as the vehicle for issuing the clarion challenge to pursue wisdom. As mentioned previously, wisdom is found in God alone (Prov 2:6; cf. Jm 1:5). Thus, pursuing wisdom is tantamount to pursuing God (though wisdom isContinue Reading

By now one gets the sense that sexual behavior is rather important. Proverbs 7 issues a third warning to avoid sexual immorality (see Proverbs 5 and 6). Sin needs only an opportunity and it seizes every moment and lurks in every corner. Opportunity to sin involves time and location (ProvContinue Reading

Diligence is the key in which this proverb is sung. Be diligent to free yourself from debt. If you owe someone something, do whatever is required to pay them in full. Otherwise, the debtor remains in bondage to the creditor. From the debtor’s perspective, goods and services received are intendedContinue Reading

The initial charm of a new encounter with another can quickly become caustic. What appears enticing may actually be corrosive. That’s the warning of Proverbs 5. First, I want to say this text is not just a proverbial saying for men only. While sexual behavior is the object of alarmContinue Reading

A child’s first voice of authority and coach for life is the parent (whether biological or otherwise). From the time a child first exits the womb and well into his/her first few years, input and instruction is received and lasting imprints are made by those who care for them most.Continue Reading

This continues the series containing my thoughts (pensées) over the enigmatic yet highly practical book of Proverbs. Proverbs 3 begins with the formula for success. Two ingredients are required: love and faithfulness. All of our moral duties may be summed up in love for God and for others (Mt 22:37-40)Continue Reading

Reading through and reflecting on Proverbs 2, I find the following observations. God is the source of wisdom (2:6). It comes from nowhere else. This is so obvious that I’m ashamed to even write this. Yet, it’s imperative I know, and evidently the biblical author felt it necessary to say,Continue Reading

This is the inaugural entry for a series containing some thoughts (pensées) over the enigmatic yet highly practical book of Proverbs. When I don’t have time for extended periods of reading, Proverbs is my “go to” biblical text. There is no framework or program in this series. I may chooseContinue Reading