In my reading on the Trinity (Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity; Advancing Trinitarian Theology; The Holy Trinity), one question has repeatedly been raised with regard to the meaning of “perichoresis”. The authors of the above books use the term (and its cognates) but do not carefully or adequately explainContinue Reading

I’m reading through Knowledge and Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga and thoroughly enjoying it. Hands down this is the best introduction to his brilliance and to what many have called Plantinga’s most important work, Warranted Christian Belief. Knowledge and Christian Belief is accessible to most and one of the finest treatments on the natureContinue Reading

I’m repeatedly amazed by the amount of discussion that goes on within the evangelical family that causes a huge divide. No doubt there are many others that create division, but these are top of the list in my reading circles. On the one hand are those who would argue toContinue Reading

Errors of accretion occur when churches add their own idiosyncratic doctrines to the unchanging core of essential Christian truths as if they, too, must be believed to be saved. Today these might include a particular Protestant theological system (dispensational or covenant), a certain form of church government (episcopal, presbyterian, orContinue Reading

Read this excellent post by C Michael Patton and receive 2 credit hours in Historical Theology! Well…. not really, but it is a fine post that offers a good summary of some important distinctions between Calvinist and Arminian soteriologies. See DO CALVINISTS REALLY BELIEVE IN SALVATION BY FAITH ALONE? AnContinue Reading

Tim Kimberley at Credo House Ministries has begun a new series entitled “Top Ten Theologians” and he starts with Irenaeus. It’s well worth the read and gives an excellent primer on this important figure. Here’s a snippet: Irenaeus becomes the first human being to fully articulate the extent of theContinue Reading