Over the years I have been exposed to different kinds of pastoring. One is a practical side that is typically less rigorous academically, while another shows diligent academic interests with only some application. As a result of these disparate models, a series of questions have come up around the roleContinue Reading

Thomas Kuhn’s now classic The Structure of Scientific Revolutions opened my eyes to the importance of having my eyes open. It helped me appreciate that before science can advance or be changed for the better, the same data must be viewed from a different perspective. Tracing the history of science, KuhnContinue Reading

How do you resolve conflict? How does your church resolve conflict? Often those in the crosshairs or with their finger on the trigger just do a 180, pick up, and go elsewhere. It’s far easier to walk away or leave a church than face the emotionally-charged task of resolution. And,Continue Reading

This offering by Gisela Kreglinger titled The Spirituality of Wine is informative and rich. Some quotes below are intended to whet your appetite (pun intended!). Do take time to listen to the podcast as most of my commentary came from her work (with a hat tip in the direction of RogerContinue Reading

Below are two presentations that I offered at Holy Trinity Anglican Church for those wishing to be confirmed in the Anglican tradition. All materials are my own, except where noted. There was so much more material that I wished to cover, but the 45-minutes I was allowed did not permit.Continue Reading

This is good. Worth every second of the less-than-five-minutes. Nora Tubbs Tisdale is the Clement-Muehl Professor of Homiletics at Yale Divinity School. An instructor in the art of preaching—and an accomplished preacher herself —- Professor Tisdale explores homiletics, her own story, and what it’s like to teach and study atContinue Reading

The Rev. Dr. John Yates III (rector at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Raleigh, NC) completed a 3-week series that I’ve had the opportunity to attend. His discussion on the issues around the sexualization of our culture has been thoughtful, careful, and insightful. I heartily commend these to you. Part One:Continue Reading