The Witherspoon Institute hosts a document entitled Marriage and the Public Good: Ten Principles that is a shining example of solid research on why marriage, traditionally understood between one man and one woman, should be upheld on all levels legal, moral, social, psychological, and philosophical. Although published more than twoRead More

Please take the time to read A NEW YEAR’S PRAYER FOR 2009 by Dr. Ben Witherington. “God have mercy on us as a nation and may the change we have heard so much about begin within us and be solely the work of your hand!!”Read More

Inevitably I get asked this question whenever running into people who are likely Christian but don’t know me well. For some time now, I’ve been conducting a kind of experiment with my response, which goes something like “Not really going to church; just focusing on being the church.” After the wrinkled foreheads straighten and the dazed looks clear, most have no clue what I just said. In all fairness, however, I did answer a different kind of question.Read More