Sandra Richter’s book is difficult. Not intellectually, mind you. Far worse. It’s ethically demanding because it’s an eye-opening portrayal of God’s call for environmental responsibility. It addresses issues only the courageous will consider, but all are called on to engage. The concerns of creation care are not just critical, political, structural; they are ubiquitous. On every page this book is a biblical, practical, and down-to-earth call to action. Readers are not only informed about Scripture’s clear message of environmental stewardship, but challenged to make a difference. Richter’s purpose for writing Stewards of Eden: What Scripture Says About the Environment and Why It Matters is to provide a “biblical theology of environmental stewardship.” It is not overly technical and is especially …[ continue reading ]

To say Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley is large would be an understatement. No less than 10 days after its initial release (September 1, 2020) the publisher’s site notifies customers that shipments will be delayed due to high demand. The author has appeared on countless virtual interviews and is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times (see here). Already there have been numerous ratings given and reviews written;[ continue reading ]

Telling a Better Story: How to Talk About God in a Skeptical Age is an imaginative and creative approach to Christian apologetics. Chatraw calls for identifying and affirming those touch points that are common in human experience, such as longing for identity and relationship; a yearning for significance, meaning, and purpose. All these resonate with the human quest for fulfillment and the task for Christians is to show how the gospel[ continue reading ]

For too long too many and taken too much for granted in the heated discussion around guns and violence. God and Guns in America by Mike Austin is a vital read that is surely to lower the volume on this subject, open minds, and close the gap that polarizes a nation. Instead of yet another book arguing for one position over another, Austin looks at the deep divide and offers[ continue reading ]

Why can’t thoughtful, intelligent, highly-educated men and women whose commitment to Scripture and Christian truth is unquestionable see things for the way they really are? Why must believers talk past one another without hearing one another? To be sure there are countless disparities and contradictions in the historical records of the Church. But this one related to creation and evolution persists through the ages and I get weary reading about[ continue reading ]

Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality is a robust and compelling cultural apologetics text. The scope is large dealing with a range of highly controversial subjects such as abortion and infanticide (chapter 2), euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, animal rights, genetic engineering, transhumanism (chapter 3), sexuality and the “hook up culture” (chapter 4), homosexuality and same-sex lifestyles (chapter 5), transgenderism (chapter 6), and marriage and[ continue reading ]