Russell D. Moore has outdone himself here. Though the title may be off-putting to some (most?), his “Can the Religious Right be Saved?” Erasmus Lecture given on October 27, 2016, is well worth your time. Do yourself a favor and set aside your prejudices about terms and expressions like “religious”Continue Reading

Issues around gender roles in the home, the church, and the world have become secondary themes for most American evangelicals, largely due to the cultural, political, and social blitz around same-sex behavior and gender identity issues. Nevertheless, gender roles remain critically relevant for Christians all over the globe and NeitherContinue Reading

I’m delighted to learn of this upcoming release (March, 2016) by Baker entitled Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty. It looks promising with some prized people in all corners of the discussion. It’s good to see this discussion continuing. There is so much history behind ECT. For example, consultation beganContinue Reading