Lucy Peppiatt notes in Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women that common designations of “complementarian” and “egalitarian” do not adequately capture the tone and tenor of the two opposing camps typically offered in discussions around male/female roles. Instead she prefers the term “mutualists” over “egalitarians.” “For mutualists, all interactions of menContinue Reading

Ever wonder “what to say when someone says wives should submit to husbands”? Check out this excellent and very accessible post. The series also looks great. Here’s the conclusion, which is unpacked in the post so do take the time to read. To Sum Up, What Should You Say? “Head” doesn’t implyContinue Reading

Three books in particular (and countless journal articles) that made a huge impact on me and continue to rank among the most important in my position as a biblical egalitarian: 1) Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle’s Vision for Men and Women in Christ by Cynthia Long Westfall. Download/Read anContinue Reading

Issues around gender roles in the home, the church, and the world have become secondary themes for most American evangelicals, largely due to the cultural, political, and social blitz around same-sex behavior and gender identity issues. Nevertheless, gender roles remain critically relevant for Christians all over the globe and NeitherContinue Reading

Darren O. Sumner has a very nice contribution to Advancing Trinitarian Theology titled “Obedience and Subordination in Trinitarian Theology”. In critiquing Barth’s thesis that God the Son is eternally subordinated to the God the Father, Sumner writes: The distinction between ontological and functional subordination finally rests upon a metaphysical division between God’sContinue Reading