I was sad to learn that Louie Bellson has died. While in Chicago performing along side Louie’s nephew, a fine tenor sax player himself, I had a chance to meet this legendary jazz drummer. Louie was doing a sound check in the lounge of the hotel where we stayed andRead More

I became a believer November 23, 1978. A close friend, who himself had just come to be a Christian, listened patiently as I shared the difficulties I was having in my former marriage and the sense of hopelessness that I felt. Without wasting time or words, my friend told meRead More

Our home is for sale. Our realtor team told us that hosting open houses don’t work; they rarely bring a buyer. Our neighbors told us that if we buried a statue of St. Francis of Assisi upside down in our back yard, that our home would sell. After all, theyRead More

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals” (Proverbs 12:10). I don’t know about being “righteous” but we sure do take good care of Phil’s needs! He’s been the best pet we’ve ever known and we love him dearly. And, since our pup is one smart cookie, I thoughtRead More

Many years ago at our home in Colorado we hosted some long-time friends and during a conversation, I admitted that I’ve not been especially patient as a parent and had lost my temper on not a few occasions during the years our kids were growing up. In turn, my friendRead More

If you’ve not heard Eva Cassidy (d. 1996) sing “Over the Rainbow” then you have truly missed something special, something perhaps heavenly. I was first introduced to her by some dear friends in Kansas. While we sat around their dining table, knowing my music background, they asked that I listenRead More

“Who are you?” Seriously. This is not a trick question. At first reading it seems rhetorical, but it is a very important question for the believer. You see, being redeemed by the blood of the Lamb denotes that we have a complex identity. Although we are are uniquely and entirelyRead More

I have not been particularly inspired lately, which is one reason why no postings of any substance have appeared. This is not to say anything is necessarily wrong. So far as I am aware, “life is good” (to quote one of my favorite T-shirt makers) and, after the spirit ofRead More

So far I have avoided all political speak on this blog. But the upcoming election has got my attention on several fronts, one of which has me very concerned.Read More

Since I last confessed (to reading The Shack), I would like to stay with the theme of mea culpa and admit one of my peccadilloes (far too much Latin for one sentence!). I confess to not liking the “When, not if” construct. What do I mean? Well, to put it bluntly, I don’t like it when (there’s that word again) I go through trials. Instead, I would prefer “if” I go through them. You see, the conditional “if” keeps things in the hypothetical and away from my neatly constructed, significantly comfortable, easily managed, relatively pain-free lifestyle.Read More

I received a traffic citation recently for not signaling while changing lanes. Needless to say it was troubling, especially since the cost is 2 points against my driving record and a fine of $178! Quite honestly, it angered me to be called out on such a petty offense when there are so many other traffic violations more worthy of the state’s time and energy. Or are there?Read More