So far I have avoided all political speak on this blog. But the upcoming election has got my attention on several fronts, one of which has me very concerned.Read More

Since I last confessed (to reading The Shack), I would like to stay with the theme of mea culpa and admit one of my peccadilloes (far too much Latin for one sentence!). I confess to not liking the “When, not if” construct. What do I mean? Well, to put it bluntly, I don’t like it when (there’s that word again) I go through trials. Instead, I would prefer “if” I go through them. You see, the conditional “if” keeps things in the hypothetical and away from my neatly constructed, significantly comfortable, easily managed, relatively pain-free lifestyle.Read More

I received a traffic citation recently for not signaling while changing lanes. Needless to say it was troubling, especially since the cost is 2 points against my driving record and a fine of $178! Quite honestly, it angered me to be called out on such a petty offense when there are so many other traffic violations more worthy of the state’s time and energy. Or are there?Read More

I don’t know about you, but I often fail to distinguish rightly between what I need and what I want. Thankfully, God always gives me what I need, but not always what I want. He’s more interested in me than in seeing my requests granted. This is the essence of a loving, heavenly Father who only does what’s best for his children.Read More

Without doubt, I can say God has used others to impact my spiritual life in positive ways. The friends God has given me over the years have shaped and sharpened me in ways that casual acquaintances never could. A true friend is a gift from God.
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In reading through Proverbs, I found chapter 18 instructive on the nature of the Blogosphere.

v2 “Fools find no pleasure in understanding
but delight in airing their own opinions.”

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A Slightly Philosophical Amazement at Birthdays Today is my 53rd natural birthday (No…this is not an April Fool’s joke; I just happen to be born on this day). Over the past several birthdays I’ve continue to be amazed by the number of years given me. I say “given me” partlyRead More

Ruminations over Maunday Thursday, 2008
It’s Holy Week, Thursday, March 20, 2008. This is the day that Christians around the world remember the Last Supper and recall especially the deep grief Christ experienced over his impending arrest, trial, and crucifixion on a cross. And, just as the tragedy of the cross ended with triumph, this week has been filled with tragedy…and with triumph.Read More