I have long held on to two positions which, prima facie, are in tension: 1) a Calvin-esque theology, which at least means that God is providentially in control of all things, including human creatures and 2) the notion that God can know, indeed does know, counterfactuals (see 1 Sam 23:1-13Read More

Bill Craig has some good insights on moral relativism and its problems, highlighting an often confused but important difference between moral ontology and moral epistemology. In his weekly Q&A broadcast titled How can People Be So Morally Obtuse?, Craig right states: “Moral ontology has to do with the objective realityRead More

On July 4th, 1776, America declared the 13 colonies independent states and free from the rule of Great Britain. With this declaration came the sound of freedom and liberties that Americans have not only enjoyed but encouraged other nations to embrace for more than 200 years. But I have toRead More

The problem of evil is a sticky wicket for all believers in God and thinking atheists know it. Thanks to David Hume’s classic recapitulation (taken from Epicurus), the theist has her work cut out to show that she is “thinking well” about this most difficult topic. How might a theistRead More

From the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS). Dear fellow Christian philosophers and apologists, Do you know any European evangelical philosophers? We need your immediate help in connecting them to the Philosophers Network in Europe—and to submit papers (by 1 March 2012) or, at the very least, just to attend the conferenceRead More

James Anderson has nicely and simply captured a major reason why philosophical assumptions matter in understanding world religions, including Christianity. In a word (or picture) it is: Check out his “Why I Am Not a Panentheist”.Read More

Just to get the philosophical juices flowing….. In De Libero Arbitrio (On Free Will, Book 111, ii, 4, p 172, in Augustine: Earlier Writings) Evodius asks Augustine, “Since God foreknew that man would sin, that which God foreknew must come to pass. How then is the will free when thereRead More