It’s only fitting on the eve of one of our nation’s most revered holiday celebrations, July 4th, that a post from Augustine is in order. (For last year’s post, see here). In De Libero Arbitrio (On Free Choice of the Will) Evodius asks Augustine, “Since God foreknew that man wouldRead More

Yesterday, when suffering a mountain biking excursion with my wife in the cooler mountains of Prescott, Arizona our trail came upon a “cairn.” Immediately I wondered “How did this get here?” This pile shows signs of intentionality, design, and purpose. It’s a kind of signpost, or so it seems, constructedRead More

In his fascinating The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief Jim Spiegel offers a unique thesis. It goes something like this: Rather than denial of God’s existence leading atheists to immoral behavior, immoral behavior leads atheists to denial of God’s existence. Spiegel claims Atheism is not atRead More

“Alvin Plantinga on YouTube: A Modal Argument for Dualism” is an excellent post on the classic discussion surrounding whether humans are merely material beings or material and immaterial. See especially the question asked of Alvin Plantinga, embedded below. For those who may not know, it is no overstatement to sayRead More

[Warning: Philosophical waters ahead!] Outlining one form of the well known cosmological argument, William Lane Craig states “a transcendent first cause is plausibly personal.” He then gives two reasons: “The personhood of the first cause of the universe is implied by its timelessness and immateriality.” Craig goes on to explainRead More

Three reasons: 1. Because I do believe that Satan is real and the following passages from Scripture are true. Paul recounting Jesus’ words to him on the Damascus road: the Lord replied. ‘Now get up and stand on your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as aRead More

Evodius (asking Augustine): “Since God foreknew that man would sin, that which God foreknew must come to pass. How then is the will free when there is apparently this unavoidable necessity?” Augustine: “God by his foreknowledge does not use compulsion in the case of future events . . . GodRead More

The funny thing about truth is …. There is a distinction between matters of taste and matters of fact. Consider these two statements: Chile makes the best Merlot. Arizona is nearer to California than Vermont.   Sincerity and truth are not the same. I can sincerely believe that running acrossRead More

My good friend Louis McBride of Baker Book House offers a brief review of the upcoming Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal authored by two towering Christian intellects, Keith Yandell (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Harold Netland (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School). Although I’ve not yet read it, I’m confident itRead More

What is the relationship between faith and reason? Does faith require that we have reasons to believe or is faith merely a blind leap in the dark? Is faith a product of rational inquiry where our minds investigate first before we commit to a belief? Or do we commit toRead More