The problem of evil is a sticky wicket for all theistic believers and thinking atheists know it. Thanks to David Hume’s classic recapitulation (taken from Epicurus), the theist has her work cut out to show that she “thinks well with others.” How might a theist respond to the typical atheistContinue Reading

It’s only fitting on the eve of one of our nation’s most revered holiday celebrations, July 4th, that a post from Augustine is in order. (For last year’s post, see here). In De Libero Arbitrio (On Free Choice of the Will) Evodius asks Augustine, “Since God foreknew that man wouldContinue Reading

Yesterday, when suffering a mountain biking excursion with my wife in the cooler mountains of Prescott, Arizona our trail came upon a “cairn.” Immediately I wondered “How did this get here?” This pile shows signs of intentionality, design, and purpose. It’s a kind of signpost, or so it seems, constructedContinue Reading

In his fascinating The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief Jim Spiegel offers a unique thesis. It goes something like this: Rather than denial of God’s existence leading atheists to immoral behavior, immoral behavior leads atheists to denial of God’s existence. Spiegel claims Atheism is not atContinue Reading

“Alvin Plantinga on YouTube: A Modal Argument for Dualism” is an excellent post on the classic discussion surrounding whether humans are merely material beings or material and immaterial. See especially the question asked of Alvin Plantinga, embedded below. For those who may not know, it is no overstatement to sayContinue Reading

[Warning: Philosophical waters ahead!]Outlining one form of the well known cosmological argument, William Lane Craig states “a transcendent first cause is plausibly personal.” He then gives two reasons: I’ve little issue with the 2nd proposal as Craig explains. After all, from the metaphysical intuition that “no physical state is onticallyContinue Reading

Three reasons: 1. Because I do believe that Satan is real and the following passages from Scripture are true. Paul recounting Jesus’ words to him on the Damascus road: the Lord replied. ‘Now get up and stand on your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as aContinue Reading

Evodius (asking Augustine): “Since God foreknew that man would sin, that which God foreknew must come to pass. How then is the will free when there is apparently this unavoidable necessity?” Augustine: “God by his foreknowledge does not use compulsion in the case of future events . . . GodContinue Reading

The funny thing about truth is ….There is a distinction between matters of taste and matters of fact. Consider these two statements: Sincerity and truth are not the same. Tolerance and truth are not the same. Some truths are self-evident, need no defense, and are the building blocks for humanContinue Reading