Do we really have some kind of control over circumstances by our prayers? Exactly how do our prayers “influence” God to act if he is a God who never changes (Malachi 3:6)? This post offers some reflections on how our prayers intersect with God’s meticulous sovereignty. To set the stage,Continue Reading

Continuing with Steven D. Boyer’s and Christopher A. Hall’s The Mystery of God their chapter titled “Mystery and the Life of Prayer” is both refreshing and challenging. In asking the question “Why pray?” they outline two stumbling blocks that any thoughtful person might encounter during their experience of prayer. OneContinue Reading

It’s frustrating and just plain hard when our prayers are not answered. We pray for God’s will to be done and in Jesus’s name with the assumption that our prayers align with how God intends. Sometimes, however, it’s true that our prayer requests are not answered. Consider these three examplesContinue Reading

When I pray, I must remember… Prayer, fundamentally, is an expression of my dependence upon God. My purpose in prayer is to glorify God by seeing him actively accomplish his will here on earth. God, not me, must be the focus of all my prayers and it is his will andContinue Reading