This video is a good conversation starter. That is, if folks could agree to discuss this subject. Sadly, most won’t talk about it, concluding something like “You can’t know what happens after death,” which really translates to “I refuse to think about it.” The fact that death is an impendingContinue Reading

Not sure about you but I’m still on a post-Easter kick and can’t get over the fact that Easter is not just one day each year. Easter is everyday! To that end I offer this apologetic tidbit based upon a straightforward reading of the biblical texts. Divine power did notContinue Reading

Continuing my read through A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology by J. Richard Middleton and I cannot recommend it highly enough. In chapters 7, 8 he offers important, practical insights on the resurrection of Christ in relation to the scope of redemption. In “The New Testament’s Vision of Cosmic Renewal” (chapter 7)Continue Reading

N.T. Wright’s newest title Surprised by Scripture is sweeping in its scope. Addressing a variety of topics from science and religion to economics or women in ministry, this is a good introduction to some thoughtful ways of looking at issues facing the contemporary church. As a trained apologist, I especiallyContinue Reading


The raising of Lazarus from the dead in John’s Gospel is the grand finale of miracles in Jesus’ public ministry. Other miracles of Jesus are no less significant. Yet, raising Lazarus is Jesus’ most spectacular display of power before his crucifixion and it foreshadows the glory of his own resurrection. InContinue Reading

In honor of the Christian Orthodox Easter holiday, I offer the following observations. The resurrected body of Jesus was not entirely identical to his human body. 1 Cor. 15:42-44 lists four essential differences between an earthly body and a resurrected body: Human Body Resurrected Body mortal immortal dishonorable glorious weak powerfulContinue Reading

If Christ rose from the dead, then all of reality is no longer “safely secular” (quoting Dallas Willard). The time will come that all human beings (Christians included!) will give a full account to God for our moral choices in life. For he has set a day when he willContinue Reading