If Christ rose from the dead, then all of reality is no longer “safely secular” (quoting Dallas Willard). The time will come that all human beings (Christians included!) will give a full account to God for our moral choices in life. For he has set a day when he willRead More

It happens to every human. The final, indubitable ending: DEATH. Is there life after death? When your life terminates on this earth, does it come to an end? Does it matter? Though a variety of options are available, there really are only a few choices. No one is exempt fromRead More

Without question, the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus are the essential, historical truths embraced by all Christians everywhere. In anticipation of Easter (is there ever a time when we should not anticipate Easter?), Tyndale House has some excellent, brief videos on these three pillars of Christendom. Experts’ Evidence forRead More