In my last post I mentioned I was reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. There I offered some quotes from Chapter 4, “Profile of the Lukewarm.” I’ve since finished the book and have a few more “nuggets” that I found especially insightful. Chapter 9, “Who Really Lives That Way?” provides aContinue Reading

I’m reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love since my wife read it and encouraged me to do so. After the first few chapters my wife asked me how I liked it and I responded, “It’s very basic but basically very good.” I was not being sarcastic or condescending; I really meantContinue Reading

Some time ago a dear friend and fellow ministry partner sat down with me and strongly yet lovingly urged me (and my wife) to go back to church. Even though he intimately understood why we left our traditional church, my friend sincerely believes that it is good for us andContinue Reading

In Chapter 5 of John Stott’s classic Basic Christianity, he moves from the person of Christ to the person of…well, me, and you, and all other “mere” humans. I say “mere” because, unlike Jesus who is “fully” human, we are “merely” human with an additional impediment called the “sin nature.”Continue Reading