I’ve been taking my time reading through Miraslov Volf‘s Exclusion & Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation. As observer of the war between the Serbs and Croats fought between 1991-1995, this is Volf’s theological reflection on the ethnic and cultural conflicts that plague our world and heContinue Reading

The last chapter of The Mystery of God titled “Mystery and World Religions” is enlightening on many levels. The authors hold strongly to the exclusive claims of Christianity, yet acknowledge the need for intellectual humility when engaging other faiths. In fact, an over-zealous enthusiasm for the truth of God couldContinue Reading

Continuing with Steven D. Boyer’s and Christopher A. Hall’s The Mystery of God their chapter titled “Mystery and the Life of Prayer” is both refreshing and challenging. In asking the question “Why pray?” they outline two stumbling blocks that any thoughtful person might encounter during their experience of prayer. OneContinue Reading

Update: I just learned from Steve Boyer that their book The Mystery of God has a dedicated website with an excerpt to read. Please visit Mystery of God Book. I’m really enjoying reading through The Mystery of God by Steven D. Boyer and Christopher A. Hall. I was surprised byContinue Reading

Louis McBride of Baker Books reviews Christ’s Prophetic Plans, which is a compilation of essays intended to defend dispensationalism. His conclusion? Christ’s Prophetic Plans is a good introduction to those curious about dispensational premillennialism but for those looking for advances in the field this will prove to be a disappointment.Continue Reading

Doing Philosophy as a Christian by Garrett J. DeWeese concludes with some insights regarding the spiritual disciplines that I believe are valuable on many fronts. He writes: …the disciplines are means, not ends. Focus on the disciplines themselves, and they will lead to a dry legalism. Ignore them, and spiritualContinue Reading

Keep in mind that we’re not simply trying to settle a doctrinal issue. We’re talking about people’s destinies. The thought that someone may end up banking on a second chance after they die even though the biblical authors never explicitly said this is … well … Terrifying. These are eternalContinue Reading