Having taught a class on suffering and evil recently, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge on topics that I will likely teach again. When I learned Michael Gorman recommended Laura Reece Hogan’s, I Live, No Longer I: Paul’s Spirituality of Suffering, Transformation, and Joy, I requested a review copy from the publisher. TheContinue Reading

Scot McKnight has a brief post pointing to Larry Hurtado‘s newest release Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World. There he highlights distinctions between political, cultural, and religious identities in the first century world and notes that a Christian religious identity was unique among them all.Continue Reading

This offering by Gisela Kreglinger titled The Spirituality of Wine is informative and rich. Some quotes below are intended to whet your appetite (pun intended!). Do take time to listen to the podcast as most of my commentary came from her work (with a hat tip in the direction of RogerContinue Reading

As Eleonore Stump so carefully and rightly observes, “there is no one orthodox interpretation of the doctrine of the atonement and no one universally agreed upon interpretation of the Eucharist.” Nonetheless, “the general Christian consensus includes the conviction that something about this rite makes a powerful connection between those participatingContinue Reading

Good article here by Dr. Gary Shogren on legalism. Check out his Grumpy Legalists. Here’s a quote: The authentic legalist lives in fear, like those folks who feel compelled to wash their hands all day long or touch the door a dozen times before leaving the house. As a friendContinue Reading