Good article here by Dr. Gary Shogren on legalism. Check out his Grumpy Legalists. Here’s a quote: The authentic legalist lives in fear, like those folks who feel compelled to wash their hands all day long or touch the door a dozen times before leaving the house. As a friendContinue Reading

I cannot think of a better way to begin a new year (or to end an old one) than to make a determined resolve to exercise the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. I don’t know of any church that has preached through the disciplines, but this would be anContinue Reading

Joy and Human Flourishing: Essays on Theology, Culture, and the Good Life contains essays by Jürgen Moltmann, N. T. Wright, Marianne Meye Thompson, Mary Clark Moschella, Charles Mathewes, and Miroslav Volf. It ties joy with other biblical themes such as ecclesiology, happiness, pastoral counseling, creation, and, of course, suffering. The followingContinue Reading

You gotta love Mr. Bean! Each time I watch this guy, he cracks me up. All humor aside, it does illustrate a key biblical concept: Knowing how your skills, knowledge, experience, and desires fit into God’s kingdom for service is essential for building a spiritual community. You gotta find theContinue Reading

Hindrances to Spiritual Health While we’ve overcome blatant sins and obvious moral weaknesses, attitudes of pride, anger, lust, indifference to the poor, and jealousy can remain. We may not be lazy or slothful, but we waste an immense amount of time watching television, shopping, chattering about sports, or surfing the Internet. ThoughContinue Reading

I’ve read a great deal on, taught through, and, most importantly, practiced the spiritual disciplines over the course of my new life in Christ (some 35+ years). Though practicing the spiritual disciplines often churn and agitate slowly, they are without doubt the most important habits to help form and transformContinue Reading