Tim Kimberley at Credo House Ministries has begun a new series entitled “Top Ten Theologians” and he starts with Irenaeus. It’s well worth the read and gives an excellent primer on this important figure. Here’s a snippet: Irenaeus becomes the first human being to fully articulate the extent of theContinue Reading

The belief that God was incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth would be a logical absurdity if one were to assert that Jesus had the essential attributes of deity and, at the same time, did not have the essential attributes of deity. Example: All humans have hair. Some humans do not have hair.Continue Reading

Jesus of Nazareth is the eternal Son of God and God the Son who is fully God and fully human, conceived by God’s Holy Spirit and born to the virgin Mary. Entirely without sin during his earthly existence he died a substitutionary death on the cross and made a completeContinue Reading

I can’t think of a better time than Christmas to rehearse the importance of orthodoxy. Believers everywhere must clearly articulate what we believe and do not believe about the Christ child. What follows are brief [early] historical views on the identity of Jesus along with the orthodox response that comports withContinue Reading

What follows is excerpted from my thesis “The Mystery of God Incarnate: An Analysis and Critique of John Hick’s Christology.” See also The Christological Heresies. The Council of Chalcedon (451 AD) opposed the two extremes of Eutychianism and Nestorianism (the former failing to distinguish between the two natures of Christ,Continue Reading

If Jesus is not fully God, then . . . If Jesus was not fully human, then . . . Since Jesus is the God-Man—fully human, fully divine . . . Because Jesus is the Incarnation of God, we can proclaim with confidence the words of John Calvin: “Since neitherContinue Reading