Eleonore Stump gave the Stanton Lectures 2018-19 at Cambridge University and the audio is available. Much (most) of this content is based on her newest and most excellent release, Atonement. Here’s the breakdown and links for listening: 1. Atonement: Methodology, Problems, and Desiderata 1. Atonement: Methodology, Problems, and Desiderata 2.Read More

This is simply outstanding on every level! It is a passionate, biblically robust, and sweeping take on the storyline of God’s redemptive plan. I highly encourage everyone to listen in and feel the “constellation of hope” found in the good news of the Christian faith. The entire series of Michael’sRead More

Short answer is “Nope!” A longer and far more thoughtful answer deserves a careful and reflective read. Roger Olson challenges this popular notion that God is timeless and gets the mental juices flowing. Reasons God cannot be timeless include a being who “cannot interact with temporal beings.” That would beRead More

Simply one of the best books I’ve read all year, Brian Rosner‘s Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity is to be commended on many levels. It is personally enriching, biblically robust, theologically sound, and especially accessible to a wide range of readers. Whereas J. I. Packer’s classicRead More

Make It a Double! podcast is hosted by my good friend, Mike Stojic. He asked me to join him one afternoon for some discussion around alcohol and the Bible. Can religion and alcohol mix? What does the Bible say? Was Jesus really a drunkard? Give it a listen (discussion beginsRead More