The latest Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS 58/1, pp 131-149) has a fascinating article by D. Glenn Butner, Jr. entitled “Eternal Functional Subordination and the Problem of the Divine Will.” In it he argues that maintaining eternal functional subordination of the Son to the Father “is completely contraryContinue Reading

Graham C. Cole has an outstanding lecture entitled “Trinity without Tiers” (download the MP3 here) introducing the controversy over the eternal subordination of the Son to the Father and the dangers of applying the relationships among the members of the Trinity to male-female relationships. It’s well worth the listen. IContinue Reading

Continuing my reading on the Trinity, the filioque controversy has, again, piqued my interest. One of the finest, smartest treatments is from Bill Vallicella, a recovering academician, of the Maverick Philosopher. East and West agree that there is exactly one God in three divine persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.Continue Reading

Though I’ve not yet read them all, posts in the series by David Congdon entitled “Trinity, Gender, and Subordination”  looks promising. Regarding social trinitarianism he writes: Earlier I argued that the social doctrine of the trinity is the hidden assumption behind the complementarian argument. Without this doctrine, none of its claims work,Continue Reading