He was misunderstood and misrepresented, and became the victim of men’s prejudices and vested interests. He was despised and rejected by his own people, and deserted by his own friends. He gave his back to be flogged, his face to be spat upon, his head to be crowned with thorns, his hands and feet to be nailed to a common Roman gallows. And as the cruel spikes were driven home,[ continue reading ]

I confess. Shortly after becoming a believer (1978), I was influenced by some “believers” who insisted that the Illuminati (literally “illuminated ones”) was a real threat for all Christians. They insisted that we be on our spiritual guard against this conspiracy organized to destroy Christianity. As I learned more about this supposed organization I was terrified and intrigued. So much so that all I did was research to find out[ continue reading ]

Spanning the distance between knowing the right thing to doing the right thing is not easy. In fact, there can be a threshold we come up against where the more we know, the more we are held accountable (see James 4:17, for example). So why should we obey? Is obedience merely an end in itself? Do we obey simply because God says so? Or, is there some other reason to[ continue reading ]

I just realized that my blog has been up for just over 1 year. Therefore, I would like to re-post my first post, an essay based upon Proverbs 14:10. Enjoy! Reflections on a Proverbial Saying Many years ago, when watching a movie at a theater with my wife, the storyline peaked with the bitter and prolonged weeping of a man who tragically lost his wife after only being with her[ continue reading ]